Join a Meeting

  • Click on the link from an email or online and follow the instructions to join the meeting.
  • Select one of the audio options and be sure to test speaker and microphone. You can use your mobile phone for the "Call me" option.

Zoom Audio Option

Join a Meeting Using a Meeting ID

Dial In - For Devices with no Computer Audio

If you are connecting from a device that does not have a speaker or microphone, call in using the number provided by Zoom (669) 900-6833. If the line is busy, call the second number (646) 558-8656.

Every Zoom Meeting ID is unique. Double check to make sure you are entering the correct meeting ID number after dialing in.

Participant Notifications from Zoom

If the host has not started the meeting, the participants will see this message and the host will receive an email with a link to start the meeting

Zoom Participant Notification