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Set Up a Meeting Delegate

Zoom refers to delegating meeting privilege as scheduling privilege. Scheduling privilege allows you to assign or delegate a user or multiple users to schedule meetings on your behalf. In order to allow scheduling privilege both the assigner and assignee must have the Licensed version of Zoom. Instructions for:

Setting Scheduling Privilege

  • Log in to Zoom at https://caltech.zoom.us
  • In the left menu, select Settings
  • Select Other, navigate to the section for Schedule Privilege
  • Click the + next to Assign scheduling privilege to

Zoom Scheduling Privilege

  • Enter the email address of the person you are delegating meeting scheduling to, click Assign
    • You can enter one or more email addresses in the window, separated with a comma.
  • If the user was assigned successfully, they will appear under Assign Scheduling Privilege to

Zoom Delegate

  • The assignee (delegate) will need to re-login to Zoom before they can schedule meetings on your behalf
  • NOTE: If scheduling privilege cannot be assigned because the user is not on your account or is not a Licensed user, you will receive an error message

Zoom Scheduling Privilege Error

Scheduling for Another User

  • Make sure you re-login to Zoom after being granted the scheduling privilege
  • Log in to Zoom at https://caltech.zoom.us
  • On the left menu, select Meetings
    • Enter the meeting topic, date, and time
  • Scroll down to the Schedule meeting for section
  • Select the person you are scheduling this meeting for

Zoom Schedule Meeting as Delegate

  • Finish entering the meeting details and click Save


Zoom Instructions on Scheduling Privilege (includes app instructions)