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Advice & Guidance for Remote & Online Teaching

As announced on March 18, 2022, the Institute will return fully to in-person instruction by Monday, April 4, 2022. Resources for remote and online teaching are provided on this site if Caltech must shift to remote instruction in the future.

Outside of special emergency permissions granted during the pandemic, Caltech's accreditation is limited to in-person instruction.

Using online tools and technologies can seem daunting. This site provides several quick-start models for remote/online course elements, advice for special circumstances, and other important considerations.

This section contains pages on the following:

  • Online Course Components - an overview of common course components, online versions, and tools you can use.
  • Online Course Structures - a summary of the main models for remote and partially online courses at Caltech.
  • Lab and Experiential Courses - a summary of the main approaches to remote lab and experiential course components at Caltech.
  • Teaching to Students Outside the US - guidelines for teaching students residing outside the United States.
  • Communicating Expectations - advice on helpful communication practices, within the instructional team and with students.
  • Working with TAs - advice on working with one or more TAs when teaching using online tools.
  • Assignments and Exams - guidance on assignments and exams using online tools, including low stakes assignments and quizzes, quantitative and coding, writing, and other kinds.
  • Midterms and Finals - special considerations for cases in which midterm and final exams are done online/remotely.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion - ideas for creating a welcoming remote class environment and making materials accessible to all students.
  • Curated Links - articles and materials about remote/online teaching from other institutions and organizations.