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Advice & Guidance for Remote & Online Teaching

Moving to remote teaching using online tools and technologies can seem daunting. This site provides several quick-start models for remote courses and those using online tools and approaches, advice for special circumstances, and other important considerations.

This section contains pages on the following:

  • Moving Course Components Online - an overview of common course components, online versions, and tools you can use.
  • Remote Course Structures - a summary of the main models for remote courses in use at Caltech.
  • Lab and Experiential Courses - a summary of the main approaches to remote lab and experiential courses in use at Caltech.
  • Communicating Expectations - advice on helpful communication practices for remote courses, within the instructional team and with students.
  • Working with TAs - advice on working with one or more TAs in a remote course.
  • Assignments and Exams - guidance on a variety of assignments and exams in remote formats, including low stakes assignments and quizzes, quantitative and coding, writing, and other kinds.
  • Midterms and Finals - special considerations for remote midterm and final exams.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion - information about creating a welcoming remote class environment and making materials accessible to all students.
  • Curated Links - articles and materials about remote/online teaching from other institutions and organizations.