Curated Links

As announced on March 18, 2022, the Institute will return fully to in-person instruction by Monday, April 4, 2022. Resources for remote and online teaching are provided on this site if Caltech must shift to remote instruction in the future.

Outside of special emergency permissions granted during the pandemic, Caltech's accreditation is limited to in-person instruction.

While instruction resumes to in-person formats, many higher education institutions around the US and globally moved classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic and created helpful resources. Below are links that we have found especially useful.

As with any publications that are not specific to Caltech, the advice in these articles may mention online applications that are different from the Institute's resources, but the general approaches may be helpful.

CTLO is here to assist you with translating these and other ideas into Caltech-specific tools and technologies. Please contact us at

ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit

This set of short, downloadable pdf guides and videos provides guidance on the following key topics:
- Welcoming students to the online environment
- Managing your online presence
- Organizing your online course
- Planning and facilitating quality discussions
- Recording effective microlectures
- Engaging students in readings and microlectures

Going Online in a Hurry

This article by Michelle Miller for the Chronicle of Higher Education offers a six-step roadmap for thinking through your online course:

So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online

With humor and directness, Stephanie Moore and Charles B. Hodges offer via Inside Higher Ed a clear, helpful, no-frills approach to going online.

How to Give Your Students Better Feedback With Technology

This "advice guide" by Holly Fiock and Heather Garcia for the Chronicle tackles the challenge of providing useful, high-quality feedback to students online. It was available before the current situation and is highly applicable now.