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Schedule a Meeting with a Guest Lecturer

The following settings are recommended when you have a guest lecturer (non-Caltech) for one of your sessions. These settings will allow access for the guest lecturer while mitigating ZoomBombing.

  • In the Meeting Password section, check Require meeting password
  • You may enter your own password


  • In the Meeting Options section:
    • Uncheck only authenticated users can join
    • Enable waiting room - this allows hosts to admit only students in the class. Please be aware of two issues:
      • Waiting room may not be practical for large classes, as it will be time consuming to review the long list of participants.
      • If a participant drops out of the session (for example, they lose network connection) they will be put in the waiting room when they re-join. The host or co-host will need to admit them back in which may be disruptive to the teaching session.

Zoom settings waiting room

  • Share the meeting information privately with the guest lecturer via email and to students via email and Moodle. Do not share the meeting details publicly.
  • Once you know that all the participants are in the session you can lock the meeting so that no more participants can join.