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Gradescope - Quantitative and Coding Assignments and Feedback

Gradescope is a secure, FERPA-compliant tool that facilitates submission, grading, and feedback of student assignments, particularly quantitative and coding assignments and problem sets

  • Caltech has obtained an institutional license.
  • PLEASE NOTE (IMPORTANT!) - after first logging in to Gradescope, you may receive a message from Gradescope asking you to go in and change your password. You may disregard any messages from Gradescope to change your password. Your Caltech access.caltech credentials are all that you need. Gradescope is working to change these automatic messages.
  • To access Gradescope, instructors and students should use https://www.gradescope.com/saml, select Caltech, and log in using their Caltech credentials.

Preliminary Support Documents

Setting Up Your Course in Gradescope


  • Sign in via the above link using your Caltech credentials.
  • Choose "Create a New Course." (NOTE: if you do not see "create a new course," please let us know: ctlo@caltech.edu)
  • If you would like students to be able to add themselves to your course, select "Allow students to enroll via course entry code" when prompted.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to manually enroll students.
  • Add other instructors and TAs to your course from the "Roster" page.


  • From Moodle and/or your syllabus, direct students to the above Gradescope sign-in and give them the course entry code. Here are further instructions for students:
    To join our course on Gradescope using our entry code, log in using your Caltech credentials at https://www.gradescope.com/auth/saml/caltech, and then navigate to your Account Dashboard by clicking the Gradescope logo in the top left. Click Add Course in the bottom right corner.

Handwritten Assignments

  • Students will need to scan handwritten assignments to make digital files. They can use a variety of free smartphone applications to create legible, high-contrast, resolution digital files. Several Caltech faculty and students have recommended CamScanner (Android, iOS), Scanner Pro (iOS), and Scannable (iOS), but there are other options (no Caltech license/access; these are individually chosen and licensed applications).