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Educational Technology at Caltech

Educational Technology at Caltech

This website provides information on best practices, tips, available technology and tools, and how to get support for teaching and was last updated on March 25, 2024. The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach site offers many additional resources including planning and teaching courses and inclusive teaching.

Resources for online teaching are available on this site if Caltech needs to return to remote teaching. New technologies implemented during the pandemic—such as Canvas, Gradescope, Piazza, Google Workspace, recording kits, Zoom for office hours—remain key tools for teaching and learning during in-person instruction.

Canvas LMS

Caltech uses the Canvas Learning Management System as the central hub for course content. Instructors and TAs have access to training materials and official course shells (used for teaching) via their Caltech credentials. You can find more information about Canvas best-practices, along with answers to frequently-asked questions at

If you are teaching with Canvas for the first time, we recommend: (1) viewing this 6-minute video that introduces the available technology, and (2) taking the "Getting Started with Canvas" course within Canvas, which includes many useful tutorial videos and answers to many commonly asked questions.


To reach the Caltech teams who provide support and consultation about designing and building your course, please email and/or