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Educational Technology at Caltech  /  On-Demand Training

Caltech Adaptable Teaching Series & On-Demand Training

Caltech Canvas Training:

Getting Started with Canvas: a course in Canvas that all Caltech instructors and TAs are enrolled in when first teaching; this course can also be accessed without logging in. It includes an introductory module with Quick Guides about Canvas at Caltech, with helpful checklists for launching and concluding courses.

Video series for instructors, option admins, TAs, academic officers, administrative assistants:

Conversations on Inclusive Teaching:

A short series supporting Caltech faculty and instructors to implement and enhance inclusive and equitable practices in their teaching. Each conversation offers a short overview of a few key inclusive teaching topics or practices, with a brief overview of evidence and examples of use, and then prompts participants to adapt and apply them in Caltech classes.

Caltech TA Support and Training:

A series of short videos developed and presented by experienced Caltech TAs on the roles and responsibilities students may have as a TA at Caltech. These address both in-person and remote teaching strategies. (Note: Remote teaching is for emergencies only starting April 4, 2022.) Topics include: Active Learning, Holding Office Hours, Fair Grading and Feedback, Leading Effective Recitations, Creating Inclusive Classrooms, Communication Strategies, Preparing for Your First Class, Leading Labs, and more!

Caltech Adaptable Teaching Series (CATS):

Includes How To sessions focusing on using one or more related tools or technologies for specific teaching tasks and Discussions exploring approaches to teaching beyond the tools and technology, through examples and experiences shared by Caltech colleagues. (Note: Remote teaching is for emergencies only starting April 4, 2022.)

  • CATS YouTube Playlist
  • List of sessions with recordings and materials: expand the accordion sections below for more information.