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FERPA and Security for Online Teaching

FERPA Compliance and Security

Online applications and tools with Caltech licenses and single sign-on have been reviewed and approved by the Institute. Faculty and TAs should review Caltech's information about student privacy if they have any questions.

Instructors interested in using other digital tools for online teaching are expected to exercise caution about FERPA compliance when dealing with student work and grades, and with respect to privacy and security, on any external platforms.

Due to compliance issues (including student privacy and copyright) associated with the public posting of recorded lectures, instructors should only post recordings on the most up-to-date recommended applications listed under /tech-tools.

Faculty are asked to record and properly share all fall quarter 2020 synchronous remote class meetings; they should be made available only to enrolled students and approved auditors.

For seminar (colloquia) classes that are open to non-students for synchronous/live streaming, be careful to follow Zoom security recommendations when sharing links/invitations, and share recordings only with enrolled students and approved auditors.

Use of Other Applications

Caltech requests that faculty use the applications discussed on this site. If a needed application is not listed:

  • First contact IMSS to see if they have an active license for it.
  • If an application required for Institute purposes is not offered, a license agreement would be required to ensure its security and FERPA compliance.
  • Due to current resources being directed towards implementing and supporting our existing applications, requests to establish new licensing agreements may be delayed at this time.