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Google Drive for Videos

Google Drive

Caltech's new Google Drive Enterprise license supports streaming of class video recordings and allows for access.caltech. login-only to course videos.

Login-only access is necessary when student information (e.g., names, voices, images) appears in videos, such as recordings of synchronous class sessions, because these are protected under FERPA. For FERPA-protected videos, also be sure to share video links only with enrolled students (e.g., via your Canvas course site), and remind students not to share or post course materials outside of the class.

The following topics will help you get started with Google Drive:

To use Google Drive

  • Watch a Caltech-specific tutorial using Google Drive
  • Go to https://drive.google.com and log in with your access.caltech credentials to get started. Please note: if you are already logged in to Google with a personal account, log out and then log in with your access.caltech credentials.
  • If prompted for the type of account, choose "G Suite account," or "Drive Enterprise," not a personal account. You will then see the common Caltech credential log in prompt.

Screen image showing Google "Choose and account" page, with selection of "G Suite account" for caltech.edu

Caltech username and password login prompt
  • At this time, we recommend creating one folder for your course materials and setting the permissions for Sharing.

This limits access to caltech.edu with link only (not searchable by caltech.edu)

  • Folder level settings: Right-click on the folder and choose the Share option.

A screen image of a Google Drive menu, with "Share" selection highlighted

  • Choose Link sharing = On – Anyone at California Institute of Technology with the link can view. and click on Done. Click on Advanced to double-check find and access is not checked

Google Drive Advanced Share permissions

  • If a link does not appears like above, click on Get Shareable Link in upper right-hand corner

get shareable link

  • Click on Advanced to check the search and access settings
  • Under Link sharing, choose On – Anyone at California Institute of Technology with the link, and click Save

Limit Google Drive Access

  • Copy the link to email with students or paste in Canvas

Disable Downloading Content of a File

  • File level settings: Right-click on the filename (not folder) and choose the Share option
    • Click on Advanced and choose Link sharing = On – Anyone at California Institute of Technology with the link can view
    • Check the box Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers
    • Click on Save changes

limit google drive download

Disable Receiving Emails Requesting Access to Content

Content in Caltech's Google Drive can only be accessed by caltech.edu users.

If users outside of Caltech have a link to Caltech Google Drive content, they can request access. This is how to turn off receiving those emailed requests: (* changing this setting requires the Chrome browser)

  • In the upper right-hand corner of Google Drive, click on the gear icon, then click on Settings

G Suite profile settings gear

  • Click on Notifications and un-check Email: Get all updates about Google Drive items via email, click Done

Disable email alerts google drive

Switching from Caltech Google G Suite Drive to Personal Google Drive

Some instructors have personal Google Drive accounts tied to their Caltech email. To switch from your G Suite Google Drive to your personal Google Drive

  • Go to the upper right-hand corner in the G Suite Google Drive page and click on your profile photo
  • A drop-down menu will appear
  • Click on your personal account, or if not listed, add that account with the log in info to your personal Google Drive

G suite toggle

  • After switching accounts, the G Suite icon disappears and My Drive appears. You can now access your personal Google Drive.

My google drive